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Our Prime Services

Mortgage Live Transfers
FirstStep Communications, based on the high quality and conversion, has been recognized as one of the Top Producers of Live Transfer Mortgage leads.
We use 100% TCPA Compliant Data to produce live transfers for our client which are pre-qualified based on specific guidelines. We produce live transfers for.

  • Conventional/FHA/VA rate & term refinance

  • Conventional/FHA/VA Cash out Refinance

  • Non-QM Refinance

Our leads are exclusive and they covert with 30-35% Applications and 8-10% Funded loans with a low cost per acquisition.
We also provide trained and quality resources for the following services.

  • Leads from Pre-screen/Internet Data

  • Leads from Direct Mail Follow up calls

  • Leads from Internet Lead follow up

  • Inbound call answering for overflow calls

  • Follow up campaign on Application Dropouts/Past Customer/Portfolio Conversion and other data sources

  • Phone Answering Service so that our clients never miss a customer query.

Mortgage Loan Processing
We Provide vital loan processing services during the loan application & approval process. Taking a loan origination application and ensuring all documentation required for the loan processing have been provided, are accurate & complete before submitting the loan application for approval to the underwriter. Reducing Loan Approval time by upto 70%.

  • Ensure documentation is complete & accurate before submitting for approval.

  • Contact loan applicant and request any missing documentation.

  • Verify loan applicant’s income, asset and employment information.

  • Order home appraisals and credit reports.

  • Generate disclosure documents appropriate to registered loan program.

  • Compile file in stacking order.

Solar Live Transfers
We use 100% TCPA compliant Web-opt in data to produce exclusive live transfers based on the following basic guidelines.

  • Average electricity bill $100 or above

  • Shading less than 25%

  • Good Credit Rating

  • Our leads produce 35-40% converted applications/appointments and 10-12% Installs with an average of 10KWH


Other Services
Phone Answering Service
Handling Overflow Marketing calls
Break & After hour Phone Answering Service
Call filtering for potential clients for Marketing services

Web Design and App Development

Web Design & Website Development
Web Application Development
Android & iPhone App Development

Data & Research

Market Research & Analysis
Data Entry
Market Surveys

Tech Support

Hardware and Software Support
Application Monitoring and Reporting
Product Installation & Development
Technical Helpdesk/ Chat Support
Setup & Configuration
User Assistance

Live Transfer Lead Generation

FirstStep Communications has long standing expertise in Live Transfers for the following verticals.
Mortgage Refinance/Cash out Leads
Solar Leads
Home Security
Auto Insurance/ Auto Warranty
Final Expense/Life Insurance/Health Insurence

Accounting Services

Handle day-to-day transaction on preferred platforms i.e. QuickBooks (online and standalone), Xero, Odoo etc.
Develop financial statements (profit & loss, balance sheet etc.) in compliance with US GAAP and IFRS.
Income tax return services
Accounts and bank reconciliation services
Payroll Management Services
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